Ukraine is known to have some of the most beautiful women around the globe, full of charm and of course insanely hot. With different skin tones to beautiful smiles and eyes that would literally obliterate any normal man, Ukrainian ladies are known to stand out out of the crowd whenever and wherever they are. As a matter of fact, any man would desire to have an escort would certainly choose to have Ukrainian lady to offer them some great company. Many London escorts are amazed by the mysterious beauty of Ukrainian women and attempt to mimic their appearance for the ever increasing demand for this type of woman. London escorts  agency take their inspiration from some of Ukraine’s sexiest women.


Hot women from ukraine
Hot women from ukraine

1.Ani Lorak:

Born in the year 1978, Ani Lorak has become one very popular Ukrainian pop singer, originally from the town of Kitsman. She is truly gorgeous with a perfect body to boot. Sexy eyes and of course a beautifully natural body.

2.Anna Bessonova:

Anna Bessonova is one famous Ukrainian rhythmic gymnast born in the year 1984 in Kyiv. She is not only a gymnast, but in looks she is also quite stunning to look at. This is because of both her well toned body together with her characteristic beautiful eyes and general cute appearance.

London escorts particularly like Anna’s youthful and innocent look.

3.Chantal Kreviazuk:

Chantal has won various awards in whatever realms she is pursuing, Chantal Kreviazuk also stands out as one lady with elegant beauty and with eyes that will literally grab your attention.

Many London escorts wear coloured contact lenses just to get that same effect with their eyes.

4.Dasha Astafieva:

Dasha who is both a model as well as a member of a pop band. Having been selected by Play boy as the playmate of the month, this can only attest to her outstanding appearance.

5.Ekaterina Serebrianskaya:

Ekaterina is known to poses some natural beauty and stunning characteristics. She stands out not just because of her beauty but also because of her well toned body and facial appearance. London escorts aspire to be as physically attractive as her.

6.Milla Yovovich:

With Serbian father and a mother of Urania descent Milla who is not only a super model, but also renowned actor with a number of movies to her name as well as a singer. This lady is incredibly beautiful and stunning, a petite and pretty lady that all London escorts would attest to her beauty.

7.Olga Kurylenko;

Olga is a Ukranian model and an actress, by the time she was 18 years, she had graced the cover of both the Vogue and the Elle magazine and later featured on the cover of the Maxim magazine This petite and hot brunette has also featured as an actress as a Bond girl in James bond movie.

Her work ethic is one London escorts model to get to the top.


This is a beautiful pop singer as well as a song writer, born in the year 1973 in Lviv city. Ruslana who is therefore not only a brilliant singer but her looks and appearance can never be underestimated as she is indeed a drop down dead gorgeous lady.

Therefore, besides the above named renowned beautiful ladies and stunningly gorgeous women, Ukraine has so many gorgeous ladies to offer men who desire to have an escort, a perfect time together.

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