Thanks for a London escort who make me happy after a painful relationship

Having a partner perhaps is the most beautiful moment in your life. Your partner will be there for you no matter what happened. Your partner will make you feel special in every way. There are times you feel unwanted and unloved, but your partner will always be with you all the time. When you have a partner in life, it is easy for you to make decisions because of the support you give.

Love can make a person feels vital and alive. She or he will help you go through life. Love is our source of happiness, and sometimes it is also the great cause of sadness in us. Just like me, it is hard for me to move on from a past relationship. It was a long journey and tough. Many times I hated my life because I keep blaming myself for it. I blame myself for what had happened to us because I can’t accept that we end up. I told myself that something is lacking with me, and maybe I was the reason for her cheating. But then I realized what if she is the reason behind all these things and make my life miserable thinking that I was who lack the relationship.

I met Katherine, an only woman I love. I am the type of man that is so serious about in a relationship. I always take any relationship seriously and prioritize it as much as possible. I want to be the perfect boyfriend, not a headache. For her, I distance myself to all vices. I want to give her the world as much as I can.

Katherine is not comfortable to please. She is my first love. I knew that I wanted her when I was still seven years old. I saw her in the park I play. I could always remember her yellow dress and braided hair. She has this green eyes and a white complexion. Pinkish cheeks and lips. There is no day I can’t stop thinking of her. She is my inspiration and my motivation in life. Many times I look for her but someone that knows her told me that she and her family move to another place.

I knew in my heart our path will cross and I wait patiently. Until during our college days, I met her and grabbed the opportunity to get close to her. I courted her for about a year. I did everything, later on, we have a relationship, and that was the most beautiful moment of my life. But suddenly, she left me and was the most painful day.

I did not enter any relationship after that; the good thing is I can book a London escort from that gives me happiness. Because of a London escort, I have continued my life and Thanks for a London escort who make me happy after a painful relationship

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