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Bexley escorts are rather new to the dating game. As a matter of fact, Bexley used to be one of those places where it was difficult to find a decent escort. Now, there are lot of good quality and sexy Bexley escorts. Some of the Bexley escorts that I have dated have been out of this world, and then some.

I got introduced to dating escorts a few years ago. At first I didn’t think it was anything special but that was before I met Bexley escorts. I had always imagined dating escorts would be like dating porn stars, and that is exactly what dating Bexley escorts is like. These girls are just so sexy, and I wasn’t surprised to find out that some Bexley escorts had been porn stars like the ones from


Lina is a Danish girl who started out as an escort back home in Copenhagen but she became a porn star. She worked in Los Angeles for a few years, and made some of the sexiest movies that I have ever seen. For some reason, she was really into doing DP’s when she worked in Los Angeles and that earned her tons of money.

She says that she is still into DP’s but as an escort she never does them. Anyway, Lina left Los Angeles when she started missing working as an escort and joined a local service. She has long golden hair and I just love her amazing perfectly shaped breast. Lina is one of those girls who is totally natural, and she has never had anything done.

Actually, I don’t like fake women and I prefer women with real boobs and bums, not of that fake stuff. I am so glad that I have met Lina and we have some amazing times together. I hope that One day I will be able to enjoy myself with Lina just like in the movies…


Bibbi is a girl from India that I have been dating for a while. When I first started dating Bibbi, I was suffering with stress really badly but Bibbi soon sorted that out with some of her very special finger action. There is massage, and then there is a Bibbi massage.

I never get tired of this hot little bit of Indian stuff and the way she touches, She is sort of gentle and firm at the same time, and she seems to know how to deal with all of that built up tension and stress that I feel at the end of the week. If you have a stress problem, I suggest that you make a date with Bibbi or one of her companions here in lovely Bexley. There are many girls here that offer similar services to Bibbi, and perhaps you could date one of those girls.

The agencies here are great and they always seem to be able to match you with the right girl. I have had a few problems with agencies in the past, but I have never experienced that here in Bexley.

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