How I Became a Savvy Collector

I would ask that you look past the blond hair and the large boobs. Despite my looks, I am a rather savvy collector, and when I have my weekends off from, you are much more likely to find me walking around antique shows and events than spending my time in bed on Sunday morning. It is a little hobby that I have got going, and not only is it a hobby, it I a way of me making some extra money as well. You be surprised what you can pick up around antique fairs in the UK.

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It started when I had a few quite minutes during break time at Epping escorts. I was reading this article about the price of gold, and how you could pick up some great bargains at antique fairs. Instead of spending the next Sunday in bed, I got up and walked around a local fair. Yes, not all dealers were totally savvy, and I did manage to pick up a few pieces which I later sold on for a profit to a dealer in central London. It was not a lot of money, but at least I made some.

To make sure that I did not all blow all of my hard earned cash from Epping escorts, I put the profit from the sale aside, and only used the money which I had initially spent. Before I knew it, I was going around fairs every Sunday, and my little collection of bits and pieces was growing. It is not only about the immediate value of things, it is about their sellability as well. In the last couple of months, I have brought some special things and I always sell them on to other collectors as quick as I can. It is a lot of fun, and I have been able to do okay.

Operating on a small budget has taught me to be very savvy. I never buy big stuff and I negotiate hard. You can in general get some good deals from dealers, and when you sell stuff on in auction rooms, you can make a decent profit. So far, I have not lost out on anything at all, and I am pretty sure that if I stick to the principle that less is more, I will continue to do well. Most of the girls at Epping escorts are kind of surprised at my hobby, but in secret I think that they wish they could have a go and making some of the savvy investments that I have made.

I love seeing my profit grow. So far I have not banked any profit at all, and I just keep it at home. The idea is to keep it quiet but I think that I will have enough money by the end of the year to invest in something a little bit bigger. It may be some sort of savings plan. One day I know that I will have to leave Epping escorts and I will want to have some sort of business which can keep my in shoes. Will I become a dealer? I don’t know about that, but one thing is for sure. So far, I have done well, and I am sure that I will do better in the future. This is the sort of thing a lot of women would enjoy doing, and I really do believe that women can be very good at collecting at the same time.

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