Are there risks to dating too much?


Some gents really date an awful lot. Since I joined London escorts, I have noticed that there are some gents who date more than others. Are there any risks to that you may ask? The truth is that many gents who date a lot, have a hard time forming personal relationships outside of an escort’s service in London. I see it rather a lot here at London escorts. Many of the gents think that they have a personal relationship with their escorts.

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When gents start to think about escorts as their personal girlfriends, there is often a problem. I never encourage any of my gents to think of me as their personal girlfriend. Like most other girls here at London escorts, I am happy to be a gent’s personal companion but I will never take it any further than that. I make that clear and most of the gents that I meet up with are happy with that. That does not mean to say that all girls take the same attitude.


I don’t think that it happens at London escorts a lot, but there are escorts here in London who do often mislead gents. They make it out that there are indeed their personal girlfriends. As a matter of fact, that is strictly against the rules of dating with most agencies and I think that the girls at our escort service is aware of that. But, then again, a lot of gents have fantasies as well.


Some of the gents that I date at London escorts do dream about me being their personal girlfriend. I know that they do. To be honest, there are some guys that I feel really passionately about as well. Of course, there are some gents that I would like to have a personal relationship with but I know that it is not the sort of thing that you should engage. When you are with a really nice gent, it is very easy to think that you want to take things a step further. Some of my gents I think of as personal friends when they come to see me at the agency, but I try to ensure that it stops there.


So, yes, there is a risk to dating too much. It is easy to become hooked and start to believe that the relationship is real, and you indeed have a personal relationship with your hot bit of stuff at London escorts. I know that some girls may even a encourage you to think so. But, stop and wait for a minute. Why did you call that girl at the escort agency? Was it not to have some serious adult fun and party a bit? If that is the case, I think that you may need to do a quick reality check to make sure that you are not getting hooked on your favourite girl at London escort services. It is all too easy to do, and many gents have been in that situation.



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